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      Welcome to Changzhou Kangdixin Electronics Co.,Ltd.
      Changzhou Kangdixin Electronics Co.,Ltd.Dedicated to manufacturing and sales of precision machinery parts
      and RF coaxial connectors.

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      Address:Sanqin Industrial park,Hutang Town,Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China

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        Changzhou Kangdixin Electronics Co.,Ltd.is located in Changzhou, the heartland of the beautiful and fertile Yangtze River Delta region. The Company has, since its establishment in 1999, been adhering to the business concept of “Be honest; do things credibly; make products meticulously”. It is dedicated to manufacturing and sales of precision machinery parts and RF coaxial connectors. With many years of experience in marketing and R&D, our technical and sales teams have been following the principle of “quality assurance as the guide, customer satisfaction as the focus, and service improvement as the supporter”, to achieve the goal of creating the best and finest products for customers!

      The Kangdixin staff make constant efforts to research and improve existing products and equipment, in order to meet the highest market requirements on quality, functionality, reliability and safety. Kangdixin continuously increases its investment in technological transformation to improve processing technology and process equipment. It currently possesses over 100 sets of CNC precision automatic lathes, numerical control machine tools and equipment for the machining center, and has various types of production and testing equipment, like ultrasonic cleaning equipment, optical image measuring instrument, energy dispersive spectrometer, and pull and push dynamometer. With these conditions, Kangdixin reaches the domestic leading level in production and testing.

      The Company grows from manufacturing of traditional single products to design and development of different products. Its main products include machinery parts like  fasteners,automobile sensors, robots, new energy for automobiles, RF connectors.

      High quality lies in every excellent part. To ensure post-treatment of products, the Company has contracted with a professional electroplating workshop for copper, nickel, silver and ternary alloy plating. Every exquisite craftsmanship comes from the persistence of our production team; every quality breakthrough rests with the strict control of our technicians. In quality management, Kangdixin adheres to the concept of “High Standards & Strict Requirements”, and the principle of “Customer-focused, Result-oriented and Facts & Data-based”. Emphasizing prevention management and process control, it has realized fine quality management in the whole process covering R&D, purchasing, manufacturing, selling and service.

      Presently Kangdixin is a best cooperative supplier of some well-known enterprises at home and abroad, including Amphenol-TFC, Amphenol Fuyang, Henan Seiko Aerospace, Suzhou Aerospace Fasteners, Tianjin Aerospace Precision, Nanjing Kangni New Energy Auto Parts, Poland SMP, Changzhou Mingseal Robotic Technology, and DDK; the Company has made a good reputation and won praise from its customers. It has received the following honors in sequence: Member of Changzhou Military Industry Association, Outstanding Contractor of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp., Outstanding Cooperator of Henan Aerospace Industry Corp., Outstanding Contractor of Henan Seiko Aerospace, Advanced Unit in Quality Management, Best Supplier of Amphenol-Tuchel, National Class III Enterprise in Work Safety Standardization, and Outstanding Private Enterprise in Jiangsu.

      It is our constant concept of survival to “create values for customers based on the customer-oriented principle”. We provide a 24h service assurance system to timely respond to customer needs, and continuously develop products that satisfy customers’ technological requirements. We are determined to be an expert in precision machinery parts manufacturing.

      With numerous achievements made in the past and a bright prospect full of possibilities, Kangdixin, based on its persistence in and pursuit of high quality electronics, will compose a brilliant chapter for the future. Changzhou Kangdixin Electronics is willing to create a splendid future together with you!